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Znamo koliko konstantan boravak u zatvorenom prostoru može da bude težak i iscrpljujuć. Mislili smo na vas, pa smo pretražili internet i pronašli igrice i eksperimente koji će biti podjednako interesantni i vama i deci. Cilj je da vreme provedeno u izolaciji pamtimo po lepim uspomenama koje ćemo stvoriti unutar doma. Očekujte nove predloge svakog petka!

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🌈DIY PLAY DOUGH🌈 My most watched video this year by far!! I don’t blame you🤪. I can watch it over and over again and I made the video myself 🤩😂. I love when you share your homemade play doughs with me. It really is a great recipe and a long lasting taste safe play option ❤️. • After trying a bunch of different recipes, getting play dough soup 😝 and just flat out fails, this was the winner. Just two tips based on a lot of trial and error on my part 🙈: use the same measuring cup for all the ingredients and tap the cup full of flour so that all the air bubbles come out and you measure accurately ❤️. • 👉🏼YOU’LL NEED: -1 cup flour -1/2 cup table salt -2 tbsp cream of tartar -1 tbsp oil -1 cup boiling water -Food coloring 👉🏼INSTRUCTIONS: 1️⃣In a bowl, combine the flour, salt and cream or tart. Mix well. 2️⃣Add the oil 3️⃣Mix a few drops of food coloring into the boiling water and add to the bowl. 4️⃣Mix everything very well and massage with your hand until it is no longer sticky. • 💡Storage: Wait for the play dough to cool completely. Wrap in plastic and place in an air tight container. Store at room temperature for up to 6 months ❤️. #mothercould #howto . . . . #diy #actividadesinfantiles #toddlerfun #preschool #sensoryplay #toddlerlife #everydayplayhacks #montessori #invitationtoplay #infancia #momlife #kidsactivities #niños #preschooler #toddlerplay #sahm #busytoddler #montessorikids #montessoriathome #kidsplay #playbasedlearning #letthemplay #teachersofinstagram #playathome #babyplay #funforkids #childhoodunplugged #learningthroughplay

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Sastav za plastelin ili testo za igru: šolja brašna, pola šolje soli, 2 kašičice praška za pecivo, jedna kašika ulja i jedna šolja kipuće vode.

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🖐🏽HEALTHY HANDS🖐🏽 Today is global handwashing day and I’ve partnered with @dial to spread awareness of proper hand washing🧼 #dialpartner. @dial together with @bbbsamerica have created a fun and educational activity to teach ✔️ proper hand washing technique. I love the activity because it gives our kids a visual 🤩 representation of how germs are spread. It’s really hard to explain what germs 🦠 are and how they spread since we aren’t able to see them. With this activity, kids actually see how “germs” can live on our hands and how we exchange them🤝. I encourage you to try this out at home! Instilling healthy habits at a young age is very beneficial for long term health. • 👉🏼YOU’LL NEED: -Dial Foaming hand soap -Hand lotion -Different color glitters (I use biodegradable glitter) -Paper towels -Cold water -Warm water 👉🏼INSTRUCTIONS: 1️⃣Add a little bit of hand lotion to each persons hands (you want to have at least two people for this activity). Rub hands together to spread lotion. 2️⃣Add a different color glitter to each persons hands and rub together. 3️⃣Shake hands with the other person “exchanging germs”. 4️⃣Try cleaning your hands with a paper towel. You’ll see that the “germs” remain. 5️⃣Next try to run your hands under cold water. Again you’ll see that not all the glitter comes off. 6️⃣Lastly, try soap and warm water. First, wet hands with warm water. Then, add soap to hands. Rub hands together for at least 20 seconds (about the time it takes to sing the ABC’s). Lastly, run hands under warm water. You’ll notice all the “germs” come off. 💡Fabric towels may contain bacteria therefore it is best to dry hands with paper towels or let them air dry. 🛑Hand washing is most important: before eating, after using the bathroom, after a diaper change, after playing outside, when you’ve come in contact with a sick person, after you sneeze or cough, after touching animals and after touching garbage. #globalhandwashingday . . . #mymotherhood #motherhood #messyplay #playmatters #sensoryplay #kidsactivities #toddlerlife #babylife #toddler #honestmotherhood #motherhoodrising #livefortoday #momlife #learningthroughplay #montessori #preschool #toddlerplay #sahm

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